Practice Random Acts of Kindness


Another component to living a gratitude filled life is to practice Random Acts of Kindness.  What does it mean? Just what it implies

First of all I want to say Congratulations! If you have reached RAK’s then you have learned more about gratitude and encouragement!  You have come a long way baby! I hope you are feeling the shift and sharing on our FB groups page! I would love to hear all about any changes you have experienced, and I know others would benefit greatly from hearing about it too! Remember you can contact me at this email address with any questions along the way!

So what are Random Acts of Kindness.

You hear those stories of people in the drive thru line at Starbucks or wherever, and when they get to the window to pay and pick up their order they are told it has been paid for! Awesome. Now the first time this happened to me I was so taken aback by it that I just expressed gratitude and left. And within a couple of minutes felt horrible for not paying it forward! So the next time I went through I handed the server 20.00 and told her to apply it to people’s orders until it was gone. Yes, I felt better!

I have done this particular RAK many times, and I’ve been chased down in a parking lot so that one woman could tell me thank you!  She was so grateful, and her overall feelings were ” I didn’t think people really did this type of thing” wow….can you imagine? Don’t you want to be a part of that? To help change the views that others hold about whether kindness exists or not? I know this matters to you, or you would not be here on this page taking or even just reading about this type of challenge.  So with the previous story fresh in our minds this 10 day challenge is simple…. Join the challenge to receive the rules AND be added to the Facebook private group!

Be someones miracle today! That is what RAK’s can mean to another! Awesome, right?

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