Let The Hard Times Roll….


I am grateful today for the hard times!

“Why?!” you ask.
I am grateful because going thru hard times have done a few things for me; they have allowed me to grow into the person I am today, they help me to appreciate the good/easy days, and they let me know who my friends are! It is good to surround yourself with people who know how to support others (you) in your hard times and who will celebrate with you in the good times! I have recently gone thru a hard time, and as expected I have seen who my friends are, the people who will cry with me, laugh with me, or just listen. Now, I ask you, ” isn’t that something to be grateful for?”
To say I wish you hard times is a stretch….but I definitely pray you will see the silver linings when the hard times come your way!



I AM Thankful!

MyBannerMaker_Banner(19)Everyday I wake up and say “thank you” before getting out of bed. Sometimes as the day starts I find that I need to repeat “thank you” over and over to get to that place where I need to be.

Lately, with everything we have gone through,and are still going through, I have found that I need to remind myself to repeat this over and over….it does work. This morning and this afternoon, I had to repeat it and then repeatĀ  over and over ” Lord, it is in your hands and I thank you for all that is happening and is to come! Because I do know it is in your hands and it is all going to be OK” I repeat that and just plain “thank you”.

I found that, at times, I started pleading with God to help us!! And I would quickly remember, be thankful! Be thankful in all we do! God is in control. All we can ask is for peace, comfort, and speed. I know, all in Gods time. I can’t help but to ask for this to be quick!

I am thankful though. I am thankful. I am thankful!