Let The Hard Times Roll….


I am grateful today for the hard times!

“Why?!” you ask.
I am grateful because going thru hard times have done a few things for me; they have allowed me to grow into the person I am today, they help me to appreciate the good/easy days, and they let me know who my friends are! It is good to surround yourself with people who know how to support others (you) in your hard times and who will celebrate with you in the good times! I have recently gone thru a hard time, and as expected I have seen who my friends are, the people who will cry with me, laugh with me, or just listen. Now, I ask you, ” isn’t that something to be grateful for?”
To say I wish you hard times is a stretch….but I definitely pray you will see the silver linings when the hard times come your way!



I am So Grateful For The Kindness Of Others!

kindness1As much as I talk about kindness and gratitude I don’t think I truly appreciated the depth of gratitude I could feel for the kind acts of others, until this last week.  It is amazing to me how some people who I called friends have gone missing and do not even ask how things are, yet strangers, people we have never met before are kind beyond measure. While it was, at first, upsetting for me that my friends were not there,the kindness that we have felt from other people has overshadowed any unrest we might have felt. And a few friends who I would not have thought we would hear from were there!  We are so consumed with this process that it has put things in perspective for me, for us.  I now understand, better than ever, all that matters is LOVE.

Love for everyone.

I have a sense of peace. I have a sense of deep, profound love.