Wow how time flies!

Just an update! I am working hard on the 30 day challenge and it is coming right along! I have finished all but one part of the Gratitude Challenge and now am starting on the 30 day Encouragement Challenge.  The process takes a while because I not only have to write the program I have to write the Forum!

But it is coming along and looks great!  I’m excited for everyone to see it and to start using it!

I’ve been writing about and researching the subject of Gratitude for many years, this is an exciting project for me! I am looking forward to seeing the results as the first people complete the challenge!

So are you up to the challenge?


Our Forum Is Almost Finished! Go Ahead…..Take A Peek!

forumThe Forum is almost finished! This is the place where you will be able to join the 30 day Gratitude Challenge as well as so much more! Register with the Forum to stay updated on my upcoming eBook and the release of my published book!  The books will be finished soon!

Exciting things are in store for Our Souls Purpose and The Gratitude Diva! Register and keep up to date on everything as it happens!

I look forward to seeing you there! And I look forward to taking the 30 day Gratitude challenge ( and then the Encouragement Challenge) with you!

Here is the link! Check it out!  I am still working on it but definitely do not mind showing it to you at this point!

Peace and Love~ Christine