Practice Encouragement


Congratulations on learning to practice gratitude!  Are you ready for more!?  Well get settled in and continue reading!

In this challenge of Encouragement you will learn, by action, what it means to your life when you express encouraging words to yourself and to others.

All 3 of the challenges are about one thing; changing your thoughts to change your life! We’re programmed to think a certain way, we have certain beliefs ingrained deep within us. Saying that we want to change is one thing, and it is a great first step, but really causing change  takes more than words, it takes belief and it takes action.  We must feel the change we want to see and one way to do this is through affirmations or the practice of forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, encouragement of others, etc…

Once you join the Challenge ( as instructed on the Gratitude portion of the challenge) you will be added to the FB group and receive an email with rules for the challenge!

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