Gratitude Comes From Feedback!

discussionThis page is on Our Souls Purpose and The Gratitude Diva because the reviews,comments,testimonies, apply to both site since the author is the same person! ME! 🙂

Below are comments, recommendations, reviews, that people have written about Our Souls Purpose and The Gratitude Diva! I just want to say “thank you!” for all comments! And so you know, I do not discriminate!! I post all reviews and comments, good, bad, and neutral! :)

If you would like to add your review/testimony to this page please feel free to email me at


“Christine’s daily inspirational posts are ones that I greatly look forward to at the start of my day. They drive those pesky little demons off my shoulders and cleanse my heart and thoughts.
Her wisdom, compassion and understanding of humanity reaches ones soul and propels thinking towards the positive and the inspirational.
May God Bless Christine and I am so ever thankful that she is in my life.”

Jackie Psarianos

I love starting the day with a visit to OurSoulsPurpose. It gives me encouragement, wisdom, and positive words to start and carry me through the day. I love the way OurSoulsPurpose encourages me to look at myself and make changes without making me feel negative about myself. There is a sincere wish to connect and help that is reflected in the posts. I am so glad I have made visits to OurSoulsPurpose part of my daily routine. I encourage everyone to enjoy and take advantage of this wonderful resource!
-Jacky Cook


I just had a meeting with Christine the other night, because I had discovered some (more) baggage that needed unpacking and I just didn’t know where to start. Since I already knew what the baggage was, I didn’t think a counselor was the answer, but I knew Christine was who I needed to turn to in order to know what direction I needed to head in to start unpacking it.

She was VERY helpful. Very open, non judgmental and drew from personal experiences to help me understand. She handled stating the obvious with kid gloves, and was very caring and supportive.

She gave me only a couple (as to not overwhelm me) of exercise to start me on my journey and I left there with a “good sense of direction” to start my journey. Which is exactly what I needed!!

Thank you Christine.

~Tammy Lane


About Christine – You will want to connect with her and view her writings. She has become a great friend of mine and has a heart for God and people. She’s a REAL GO-Getter! Thank you, Christine for being a part of my life and Christian Women’s Business Connection!

~ Cathy Padgett CWBC

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