Collide with Destiny!


I believe we are here for a purpose; it’s not an accident we were born when we were, where we were, or who our parents are. We are born with purpose in our heart, completely connected to God, unfortunately over time the world gets in the way and we forget, we lose that connection to Divine!

The hope is we eventually get back to our purpose….and begin to live our life the way it was always intended to be lived! Better than just live our purpose – we collide with destiny!

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Shine ON***


Has it ever occurred to you that the way we try to motivate or encourage another person may (sometimes) actually be negative? Or attracting negativity into our lives? What am I saying?  Think about it,  sometimes when we approach someone to discuss an issue, we think we are being positive, but if we look at our conversation we may find we are actually speaking more negative words than positive ones.  A lot of the time we concentrate on the negative, what that person is doing wrong. So if we are discussing the negative to get them to be positive…… what are the chances we will all get bogged down in the negativity?

What I am trying to say is this……

I want YOU to know that no matter what is happening in your life YOU have the strength to get through it! Not only will you get through it, you…

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