Help Others With No Expectations!

Help others because you want to help them- not because you want to receive some sort of reward!

bannerfans_16115500Lately I have felt unsupported, whether it is true or not, it is how I have felt. I have a nagging feeling that it really is more about the fact that I am getting ready to launch a big fund-raising campaign for my project, and as is pretty normal, I am feeling that terrible uncertainty that goes along with things of this nature. I have faith in what I am doing, but developing and writing this project is one thing, asking for help to get it off the ground is another all together!

Look it happens to all of us at times and unfortunately to some of us way more often than it should! It is normal to feel neglected from time to time in our life, that is just human nature, it could be a true state of affairs; but then it could also be our ego stepping in…

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