holiday tableThe holidays are a wonderful time for family and tradition! In our home we have some traditions, but I am finding as time passes these traditions are fading into the past. Kids grow up, parents move away, the next thing you find is you and your spouse are alone ……if not completely, at least a lot of the time.  Because of this fact of life (I feel compelled now to add-it is not a fact of life I came to willingly!  It goes against the very nature of my life long dreams! But I am learning to be graceful and grateful for all I have) ahem…having said that- I have learned to cultivate new traditions into our lives. Traditions that are meaningful to me and can last a lifetime and hopefully beyond.

A tradition I have, and I hope always will, is the holiday table! Even when it…

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Sympathy, Empathy, Encouragement!

encourage6When you see someone who you know has gone through some stuff it is natural to want to comfort them.  We want them to know they are not alone and we are there if they need us.   A lot of times someone will approach you and say something like ” Wow! You look terrible! I know this ______ is taking its toll on you.” or “Man, you look so tired! I know you are just worn out from all this _________.”  I know people mean well and say this in a way to comfort you, to commiserate with your plight.  I get that.


What if you had just taken the time to refresh yourself and you’re feeling particularly upbeat and good?  Because they do not know what is happening with you, I mean they do know that you’re going through stuff; which is why they want to say the…

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