Today I am Grateful For….

Being.  Yes. Just that. I am grateful for being.

Life in the last year has been inspiring and in that inspiring year I have found not enough time to stay on top of all my writing. My little gratitude project has not been kept fresh! I have been here and there…but not here.  I want to be here.

I have started another blog and have kept up with my main blog Our Souls Purpose.  I have definitely been writing! But I think maybe I got a little ambitious with my gratitude challenge. I have to save that for another…day? Maybe..year?   At any rate…. I have remained ever grateful! That has not stopped and will never stop!

I AM grateful! For so much!

So I will make sure to journal my gratitude here, dial back the aspirations for the challenge at this time, but log in and be grateful! Hope it is inspiring….to someone!


OH…my new blog/project is Healing The Wounded Soul – check it out!