There is faith and then there is FAITH!

faithdoubtMan was not created to doubt. Doubt is man-made. Faith is God-given. God gave us the ability to discern, but some of us think on things so much that we leave discernment and head straight into doubt.  And fear is following right behind doubt!

I know doubt, I lived with doubt for years in my life. When I was little I would ruminate on a situation for so long I would leave doubt and go to fear. When you grow up with this habit what you get is an adult who is easily lead into fear; in every situation.

Since growing in my spiritual walk I learned to lean on God!  I learned to have a deep down in my heart faith that HE gave me discernment!  I learned to let go of the continued desire to think (doubt) a situation to death ! Because inevitably I went into fear…

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The Power of Love!

powerSo I was browsing my Facebook news feed (as I am want to do) when I came upon a post written by Corbin Bernsen.  He recently lost his mother, the great actress Jeanne Cooper (she played Kathryn Chancelor on Young and the Restless) and has posted about the journey, before her passing as well as since. It has been a humbling and beautiful experience to take with him.

I enjoy reading what he writes. I am mentioning him today because, well there are 2 reasons;

1. His post this morning reminded me of the power of love! And what it can do.

2. In case you are not aware of his Facebook page, thought I would post it here so you can take a peek and be blessed.  His writing really is something you should experience. His posts can be long, look I like long…Corbin and me..we have some things…

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