Grateful for TAX DAY?


YES! Today I am grateful for Tax day! I was not grateful (much) for it the rest of the year, but today I am grateful!  Why? Because now that it is here and we are finished with our taxes…..we have a whole year before we have to do it again! Well, more like 9 months before we have to start thinking about it! But whatever! It is off my plate! Yeehaw!

So grateful for Tax Day!

Hope you are too!  ( in other words, I hope you’re done with your taxes!)


I thought We We’re Gonna Be Friends Forever…..What happened??

This is so true! You don’t know until times get tough or years pass by who your true friends are.

Culture Monk



This month marks the 4 year anniversary of the last time I saw or heard from my ‘best‘ friend. I happen to know it’s been four years because the last time we hung out was the month I moved into my last house (April of 2009).

For a while I used to try calling him, but he’d never answer his phone. Eventually, I lost his number, thank you Verizon Wireless for the Droid that killed my phone book!

I met him my senior year of high school, Michael had just gotten out of county jail; he had stolen a four-wheeler ATV and brazenly drove it around his suburban neighborhood. The neighbors called the police because they didn’t like seeing a 4-wheeler making so much noise in the Burb’s and when the police arrived they noticed it had been reported stolen.

Michael was a typical American tragedy; raised in…

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