Today I am grateful for the time I need to continue working on this project! I am also grateful for the people who are helping me figure it all out!  I have never taken on something this large or this important! I’m excited to watch it unfold but at the same time I am apprehensive that I will not get it all right!

I know all I can do is bring it from the heart and soul. Let God lead me and it can’t go wrong!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. You are and will do a teriffic job and reach so many people. Like I’ve said before watching it all come together and knowing how much you have wanted this is a lot of fun. Letting God guide you will be your security that everything is being done as it should. And if something isn’t and needs redone, then that is God providing a teaching moment!

    • Thank you Jacky! I appreciate the encouragement!!
      And boy oh boy do I agree with your statement about “something needing to be redone!”
      But then YOU know that don’t you?!?!

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