Affirmation Anyone?


What is an affirmation? An affirmation is nothing more than taking a negative statement or thought and turning it into a positive.
I remember when I started using affirmations I had no idea how to even say one. You would think this would be pretty simple, I mean, they are only words, right? I think it’s easy to over-think the affirmation thing. I know that some people feel, when asked to say an affirmation, that they can’t think of anything to say. I like to tell people when creating an affirmation; it is a lot like praying! There is no right or wrong way to do it! You know how sometimes when you hear a minister praying you may feel it is too complicated or it sounds like poetry, you may think ” there is no way I can pray like that!” then you just pray,you say what is in your heart and all is good! There is no right or wrong, there is only your feelings.
Affirmations are the same! Yes, Louise Hay says the prettiest affirmations! But you do not have to say an affirmation the way she does! Although if you want to you can certainly Google them, memorize them, and say them! But you do not have to. All you have to do is take that negative and turn it into a positive! It doesn’t have to be pretty it just needs to be positive;example you wake up in a nasty mood saying what a horrible day you are going to have! Well, that is not very positive, so you catch yourself and say something like ” I am grateful for the beautiful day full of opportunities that I am having!!” There are only 2 rules ; 1.say it in the NOW and 2.make it positive!
Just say it as if it has already happened! You have already had a great day! Sometimes you may feel silly, but trust me when I say you get over that soon enough! The way it will eventually make you feel is awesome!
Affirmations are my go-to choice for lifting a low spirit! Well that and a good song to sing along to!
Hope you will try affirmations if you are not already!

Peace and Love! Christine

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