Amazing How God Works……

sunrise1We are still in St. Pete. They have moved my mother in law to Hospice. The care she is now receiving is a huge blessing and relief. I can’t say enough about the staff who cares for a person through the end of life process. This is our first experience with hospice, or end of life, it is all new to us. You experience a range of emotions including, but I am sure not limited to, scary, sad, anxious, relief, joy, it is amazing how many emotions you experience in the span of a few short hours.

We are on day 5 of our vigil, we see the process as it is unfolding, it is harder for my husband, of course. The experience is bringing us closer together than we have ever been……I guess that is how God intends it to be. It either tears you apart or drives you together.

This morning as I woke up I said “thank you “ to God and I asked Him to bring peace to the family as well as comfort, and again, speed of the process for my mother in law. IF it is His will, I know it will be done.

Then I walked out on the patio of our hotel room and took the above picture of the sunrise. God in His magnificent glory gives us this gift every morning, and for that I AM GRATEFUL!

Today I am grateful beyond measure!


I AM Thankful!

MyBannerMaker_Banner(19)Everyday I wake up and say “thank you” before getting out of bed. Sometimes as the day starts I find that I need to repeat “thank you” over and over to get to that place where I need to be.

Lately, with everything we have gone through,and are still going through, I have found that I need to remind myself to repeat this over and over….it does work. This morning and this afternoon, I had to repeat it and then repeatĀ  over and over ” Lord, it is in your hands and I thank you for all that is happening and is to come! Because I do know it is in your hands and it is all going to be OK” I repeat that and just plain “thank you”.

I found that, at times, I started pleading with God to help us!! And I would quickly remember, be thankful! Be thankful in all we do! God is in control. All we can ask is for peace, comfort, and speed. I know, all in Gods time. I can’t help but to ask for this to be quick!

I am thankful though. I am thankful. I am thankful!